Duende restaurant exterior

Duende’s inspiration is authentic regional Spanish cuisine, but with equal parts traditional and contemporary influences. Our cuisine is comprised of local, sustainable ingredients from farmers and ranchers with whom we have had long and rich relationships. Our intense desire for creative expression results in a daily-changing menu that is dynamic and ever evolving. Offerings from our kitchen include small plates of Tapas and Pintxos, intermediate selections of Raciones, as well as gorgeous pans of Paella and Fideua, all designed to be shared among family and friends. Additionally, to encourage our guests to expand their circle of friends, Duende has focused a significant portion of its dining room on communal seating, because what better way to enjoy great food and drink than making new friends along the way! 



Chef and Owner, Paul Canales

Chef Paul Canales is locally loved and internationally renowned. He is also committed to the city of Oakland. Six nights a week Paul creates a delicious, accessible and ever-evolving dining experience. His menus are culinary improvisations of Basque and Spanish cuisines using local ingredients and sources.

“Paul Canales has found and taken unfailing command of what everyone who cooks struggles to discover: the straight road to pure, sincere, deeply satisfying flavor.”Marcella Hazan, International Cuisine Expert and Writer

Chef and Owner, Paul Canales

Chef and Owner, Paul Canales